What is the definiton of a sandwich?

Written by: ioB

Contributions from: MarLo, Mika

This investigation started after a debate with some fellow sandwich connoisseurs regarding whether or not a burger could be considered a sandwich.

The initial definition that left a lot of people pondering was describing a sandwich as "two pieces of bread with toppings in the middle"
If this was to be the accepted definition, then burgers without a doubt would be considered sandwiches.

But, the story gets interesting here. The arguments against the burger considered as a sandwich group came up with a new definition.:
"An item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them, eaten as a light meal"

It was time to get serious on improving this definition. To get the definition of a sandwich, we must start off with an overly narrow view, and expand the rule to fit all of the exceptions.
The first big change is the "consisting of two pieces of bread" part. This is so overly specific, that it could not ever encompass the majority of sandwiches. Under this rule, subs could not be considered sandwiches, which is clearly not acceptable

The next key part that came into consideration was the "light meal" part of the description.
After a long debate, we decided that the definition of a "light meal" relied on the amount of calories in said potential sandwich.
Sandwiches are a huge group, and any standard person would agree that the amount of calories in a sandwich, does not determine whether or not it is a sandwich.
If we took a standard two pieces of flat bread, with fillings in the middle, and we multiplied the filling by any number, would it make it any less of a sandwich?
Colloquially, the answer would be no. Therefore, it is also fair to eliminate this part of the rule.

What we are left with at this point, when removing the two key parts is
"An item of food consisting of bread with filling, eaten as a meal"
We have gotten to the point where the definition is so broad, that it would include ridiculous things, like pizza or a slice of toast.
Therefore we have to refocus our definition once again.
The key problem with our new definition, is that it does not limit what "bread" could be counted.

Therefore the final definition the council has general agreed on is as follows:
"An item of food consisting of two slices of bread, a roll, or a bun, with any fillings, eaten as a meal"